11 Alcorn State Football Players Arrested After Massive Cafeteria Brawl

The Jackson Clarion-Ledger   is reporting that 11 football player from Alcorn State have been arrested for their roles in a massive fight that broke out in the school’s cafeteria April 10th.

Claiborne County Sheriff Frank Davis said charges had been filed against each of the players by other students, and more arrests are likely to follow.

The fight was caught on camera by several students and posted on social media of course. Let’s just say they tore that place up!

The fight then moves outside to the parking lot and continues in front of campus or local police.

Alcorn State released a statement regarding the fight:

“Maintaining a safe and secure campus community is the institution’s top priority,” Alcorn State said in a statement. “Campus police investigate all instances of student misconduct thoroughly and appropriate disciplinary actions are implemented in accordance with Alcorn’s student code of conduct.”

The 11 players that have arrested are facing various misdemeanor charges of malicious mischief to simple assaults:

  • Sophomore defensive back Lei’shaun Ealey
  • Sophomore defensive back Deago Sama
  • Freshman defensive back Taurence Wilson
  • Freshman defensive back Javen Morrison
  • Junior defensive back Daniel Franklin
  • Sophomore linebacker Terry Whittington
  • Sophomore linebacker Trae Ferrell
  • Freshman defensive lineman Kwanzi Jackson
  • Sophomore defensive back Quintin Smith
  • Junior defensive end Michael Brooks and junior defensive back Jalen Thomas

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