Suspended: Manny Machado, 4-Games and Yordano Ventura 9-Games

Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles and Yordano Ventura of the Kansas City Royals have been suspended for their roles in a fight.

downloadDuring the fifth inning of the Orioles and Royals game in Baltimore, Yordano Ventura hit Manny Machado with a 99 mph fastball. Without hesitation, Machado charged the pitcher’s mound and a fight ensued. Machado landed a punch to the head of Ventura causing both benches to clear.

Both Ventura and Machado have been assessed with an undisclosed fine. Machado has received a four-game suspension, while Ventura is facing a nine-game suspension .

Orioles’ Manager, Buck Showalter, stated it’ll be hard to cope with the lost of Machado who is batting .303 with 15 homers and 37 RBIs (ESPN).

This will be Machado’s second career suspension. He was out five games in 2014 after throwing his bat toward third base following an inside pitch from Oakland’s Fernando Abad. Machado appealed that suspension, but the penalty was upheld.

Kansas City Royals’ Manager, Ned Yost, said he did not expect for Ventura to face punishment for the altercation on Tuesday and that the Royals will “just move forward.”

Ventura also expressed his dissatisfaction with the length of his suspension. He told reporters, “I didn’t do [anything] for nine games.

Both Ventura and Machado will continue to play until the process is complete. The Orioles and Royals will face off for a three-games series beginning this Friday in Kansas City.


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